Our moving software is entirely paperless! Customers can sign proposals online or on the spot on a mobile device with Estimator Or Foreman App
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Texting from application
Send and receive text messages directly from the software. Sent estimate via text, get move...
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Make and receive phone calls
Automatically dial customer phone number as soon as lead arrives to eMover software. Click to call from...
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Fleet management
View where all your trucks are at any moment of time directly in the company software system
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eMover - the only moving company software you'll ever need
eMover is a cloud-based software for moving companies that is entirely online. The only thing you'll need is a high-speed Internet connection and your favorite browser (Chrome or Safari works best). No additional installation or downloads are required. There are no out-of-pocket expenses — just easy monthly payments. No installation fee, no cancellation fee, no prepayment, no strings attached. Setup takes a couple of minutes and is as easy as checking your email. The software does not require special training, however, our support team is always here to answer any of your questions. 
25 years providing software for moving companies













Moving software is an excellent investment for any sized moving and storage business looking to grow their company, optimize workflow and connect to new clients. With affordable pricing and customizable features, your moving company will be able to focus on what really matters: moving.

Use our software to instantly produce attractive letters to follow up with your clients. From leads, to estimates, to moving days, your clients will get friendly reminders about booking their move. These sorts of follow ups can improve the likelihood that an interested customer books your company today and comes back in the future. You can build high quality letters through our letter designer and send them out manually or automatically.

Our moving software offers free commercial vehicle driving directions. Basic map services like Google Maps are simply not always good enough when it comes to routing moving trucks, and are often unaware of restrictions that some roads may impose on moving trucks. However, with eMover Software, your trucks will never have any trouble finding the right way.

Our advanced estimation tools are ideal for any onsite estimator. Through their mobile device or tablet, our estimating software can easily produce cube sheets and estimates, as well as upload photos to take inventory. Moreover, our estimation software can produce documents instantly so your customers can sign off on any necessary documentation right on the spot. With our sophisticated document signing technology, you’ll never need to own a pen again.

eMover Software is always innovating. We are constantly rolling out new features, and can even add features specifically catered to your business.













A CRM module to manage all your leads, whether they are manually entered, submitted from lead providers or taken from your website's lead form.
Our moving software is auto-complete enabled to quickly enter customer's addresses and view location images to instantly get moving truck specific driving directions and distance.
Advanced job hours calculation engine to instantly calculate your job estimate. Configure our moving software to offer your clients accurate on-the-spot and online estimates.
Rich letter designer to give you an unlimited array of appealing letters that can be sent automatically or manually to follow up with your customers.
Document creator to create and print any documents including Bill of Lading, Order for Service or any other document that moving company is using.
The eMover mobile app is perfect for easy onsite estimates. With our mobile app, all moving company customers can sign documents electronically and automatically save them to the customer file.
Sophisticated dispatch module to drag and drop jobs to your moving crew.
The built-in calendar functions as the heart of any moving company software. This is where you’ll view all your jobs, onsite estimates appointments and follow-ups. You can even sync with Google Calendar
Mobile Estimator to make your onsite survey fast and accurate.
Payroll module to automatically calculate the salary and commissions for your workers and sales persons.
Long Distance Dispatch module to create and manage long distance trips.
International Module to create international moving jobs and shipments.
Storage Module to give you full storage management and accounting, including recurring credit card charging of your storage customers
Report Wizard to create any data reports.
Send and receive text messages right from the program! Send quotes and link to inventory system via text messages automatically as soos as the lead arrives!
Phone System integration and Auto Dialer! Click to call customer phone number, record to CRM log duration and status of the call and automatically dial customer as soon as the lead arrives!
Have customer estimate and book the move without calling! Right from your site!